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Thinking outside of the realm of contemporary vases, the Chive Pill was designed to be the quintessential large-size, fully contained glass terrarium. With a ceramic base that is 5 inches high, the Pill allows you to build the perfect environment with a drainage layer of rocks, topped with charcoal and soil so you can plant 4-5 inch succulents.

The glass dome rest between a lip on the rim of the base so you don't have to worry about it sliding off. The height of the dome means you can plant taller ferns and other such plants and then everything else is left to your creative imagination. Toss in living (or preserved) moss, air plants, bark, rocks, quartz, our collection of little Noch figurines, then pop on the lid and let nature takes its course. Remove the lid when the plants need to breathe.

The expansion on contemporary vases has seen great success and has also let us to design our fabulous pot ranges! Check out other glass terrarium options in the Bolsk & Terrarium categories for other great containers.

The Pill (top and bottom) is 9" diameter and 17" tall.

Looks good with: Any succulent, air plant, moss combination!

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